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Change Becomes You

What if you started remembering who you are?

Your world would change. Is your intention to show up differently for yourself, and with more awareness in your relationships? If so, it’s time to develop your self-love and self-trust. These are essential keys to working with transformative change. Here, in this safe place, you’ll learn how to cultivate curiosity about the deeper you. As you begin to trust and love yourself, fears vanish.


Phoebe here

I’m an intuitive and perspective shifter. Change is a powerful and constant force. It’s our ally! I’m here to help you embody change and to make sense of the world inside and outside of you. Join me for one-on-one sessions or for online courses. Want to get to know me better? Listen to my podcast or schedule a free consultation.


How can I help?

Plantspeak Card Readings

A Plantspeak oracle card reading offers guidance for accepting or creating change within and around you. Compassion and kindness create a safe space where you’ll learn how to create a heart-mind perspective shift. Free your “small” self  through methods that bring your body, thoughts and emotions into alignment with your larger inner truth.

Plantspeak Oracle Cards

Plantspeak oracle cards originated from nature. These unique cards offer you access to your subconscious mind to answer your questions and encourage you to shift and evolve. As a tool, they help you to cultivate your intuition. Intuition is empowering and never scary (unlike your thoughts). 

Rooting Down Journey

Join in on the 12-week (4 3-week units) online Rooting Down, Expanding Out journey using creative play and intuitive practices for living a life on-purpose in these wobbly times. You’ll  emerge from FIRE free of inner cobwebs and old stories, from WATER, you’ll learn about your inner world and forgotten wisdom, from AIR, you’ll cultivate your relationship with your higher self, and from EARTH, you’ll get tools to integrate and embody your clear, intuitive, and creative self. New dates TBA.


"Phoebe is Phantastic! I felt compelled to go with the lighthearted spelling because that’s exactly what Phoebe is. She brings joy and a light spirit to an intuitive session. She also brings wisdom and insight without a whiff of judgement with the result that joy + wisdom + insight + no judgment = remarkable progress. Phoebe helped me break through some of my traditional constraints. I always left a session feeling more hopeful, more grounded and more committed to becoming my better self – with the tools to do so."

Gretchen, Program Manager

"When I came to Phoebe I didn’t know what I was seeking. I simply knew I was drawn. I sat down and, in an instant, I knew she was the real deal. Not many people can see beyond a deck of cards to truly put the pieces together, but Phoebe did so with ease, touching on secrets, hidden thought, and even hidden concerns. At the end of the reading, I knew I had made the right decision, and had much to think on moving forward. Thank you, Phoebe, for showing me what I needed to see."


"Phoebe is one of the most light filled beings I have ever met. I am reminded of my true self in her presence and am so grateful that her gifts are being used to help guide me on the path. Thank you so much!"


"Phoebe gives insightful, meaningful intuitive messages in a sensitive and loving way. She is a joy to work with!"

Terry, Project Coordinator

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