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Perspective Shifter

As an “out-of-the-box” or really “no box” person, I enjoy helping others be less fearful of change. Changing your mind, changing how you see yourself, turning fears into excitement! I’m here to help you shift into clarifying perspectives. Rev up your innate inner knowing and transform with curiosity and more self-awareness. It’s time to cultivate self-love and self-trust.

As a life-long intuitive and clairvoyant

I’ve always sensed the unspoken truth of people. One time I saw in my mind’s eye an image of a friend’s Fallopian tubes dangling freely and not tied, as her doctor claimed. In actuality she then learned that her doctor had not performed the life-saving procedure he was supposed to. Fortunately she survived the ensuing ordeal that I had intuited.

My multi-faceted path in life included making faerie houses as a child, falling in love with symbology in literature and creative writing as a teenager and student, getting paid to “read” people in Human Resources as a young professional, and then transitioning into the magical world of plants and landscape design. Now, after years of mentorship and self-transformation, I understand that…

Change opens up new possibilities, some you would never have foreseen. The underlying heartbeat of my passion and work is intuition and creativity. I love offering you unique paths to transformation.

Update: Life Unveiled with Phoebe and Eleni podcast is changing to Bloom Chicka Bloom. In this new format, I’ll be interviewing others; planned, or impromptu on the street. Expect the first episode in early May. Yay, see you then.

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