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Perspective Shifter

As an “out-of-the-box” or really “no box” person, I enjoy helping others to serendipitously meet change. I’m here to help you shift into clarifying perspectives. Rev up your innate inner knowing with curiosity, kindness and self-trust.

As a life-long intuitive and clairvoyant

I’ve always sensed the unspoken truth of people. One time I saw in my mind’s eye an image of a friend’s Fallopian tubes dangling freely and not tied, as her doctor claimed. In actuality she then learned that her doctor had not performed the life-saving procedure he was supposed to. Fortunately she survived the ensuing ordeal that I had intuited.

My Story

It was super hard for me to own my intuitive abilities. My close friends couldn’t understand how I knew things that others didn’t know. They’d find themselves asking me how I knew something was true, after the fact.

It made me and others around me nervous, probably because I was scared of my intuition and of being called out for being even more different than I already was. I learned not to talk about myself and became a great listener to others. Admittedly, I wasn’t being honest with anyone, including myself. 

I hid my intuitive skills in Human Resources, a field where I could explain away some insights. Then, after moving across the country and starting a family, I found the healing world of plants. As a landscape designer, I created gardens, keeping mum about my process of how or why I included certain sacred plants or a specific healing design for a client’s garden.

It was tiring to always hide. I asked myself why I was so afraid to shine. I began to seek out mentors and classes to help me figure out these skills and how to best use them. It helped to know that I wasn’t alone, but I realized after a couple of years, that I had to connect to my own information. This meant shifting from searching to sitting quietly in contemplation, with openness and curiosity.

It was when I was sitting quietly in the nearby woods that I had an inspiration to start taking photos of nature that I loved so much. With a mediocre camera and no photography classes, I forged ahead because I was inspired to turn the photos into an  oracle deck. Nature is beautiful to me, even when misshapen. I photographed tree faces, roots, mushrooms and plants that spoke to me. I added words, such as Dragon Rising, Pain, Flourish, Stuck, New Beginnings, to the photos. The definitions came after I spent a blossoming year working with the original set of 52 cards.

My deck became a sacred tool, my go-between, to meet with clients. Synchronicities happened and I began to find my own rhythm in the world around me. It’s my belief that every intuitive reading I share with a client, a natural healing occurs between the two of us and the universe, at large. Readings offer inspiration, helping clients connect and align with their own inner knowing and higher purpose.

Every second we’re new, with new possibilities, yet we choose to repeat thoughts and feelings from the past. They’re not even uplifting. Our history doesn’t need to define who we are. Everything I do, from readings, workshops to podcasts, offers awareness in the present moment and the chance for you to contemplate your self discovery journey of weaving through shadow and joy. 

Working together, we invite in spaciousness to help you find clarity within your body, mind, heart and spirit as you evolve gently with wisdom and love. Through creative and somatic processes, you’ll prosper and bloom within yourself, into the collective, and into dimensions beyond where we thought we could ever go. 


Change opens up new possibilities, some you would never have foreseen. The underlying heartbeat of my passion and work is intuition and creativity. I love offering you unique paths to transformation.

Update: Life Unveiled with Phoebe and Eleni podcast has changed to Bloom Chicka Bloom. In this new format, I’ll be in conversation with others; planned and impromptu on the street. Our pandemic put everything on hold.


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