I’ve noticed a lot of talk lately about what we can do to protect our energy fields, to protect ourselves from negative energy.

Yet, when we do this, we tap into our fears. And these seeds of fear grow as we put more attention on them.  As the fear grows we inevitably attract more fear.  This reminds me of the saying “like attracts like.” 

I would suggest that when you feel the need to protect yourself or your energy field, that you do some inner reflection, and ask what fear is present inside you already?  All fears about something outside of us are a reflection of what is inside. Doing your personal work helps you to see what you really fear.  Then you can take responsibility for your own vibration rather than needing to be protected from energy that really is “none of your business.”

Empowered ways to work with fears are:

1. Do your personal development work because that naturally raises the mass conscious vibration from being more fear-based to being more love-based (self-love). Mass consciousness vibration is raising slowly, but it’s still a low vibration, full of anger and fear.

2. Let the energy you’re feeling go through or around you. You don’t need to hang onto it.

3. Remove yourself from a negative situation without judgment.

4. Go into love. A short cut is to think of something that makes you happy, such as thinking about your pet or child, or feel grateful for something like a friend, your home, or your health.

5. Take a salt bath, preferably with dead sea salt, or epsom salt.  This helps to cleanse your auric/energy field and is good for your general well being.  If you’re local to Seattle you can find bulk salts at Zenith Supply.

6. Focus on what you’re inviting into your life, remember that like attracts like.

7. Ground yourself, listen to this quick audio to help you.

Grounding Meditation

8. Join a mentoring group to increase your intuitive skills that helps you tune into the answers in yourself and what’s going on in your energy field.