Resistance happens because you want something to be different than it really is.

Pain (not by an acute injury) is simply a vehicle for information, especially about resistance.

For instance, as that pain in your back increases, your resistance increases. When you allow yourself to feel the bodily pain, without self-judgment, you open yourself up to hearing it. 

For me, I see resistance to pain as a thick heavy veil of grey smoke. Add numbing to that resistance, and the veil gets even more dense. Intuitively, you can sense the density of your own resistance.

You may feel ill, sick to your stomach, dizzy or something when you listen calmly to your pain. Sitting and hearing your pain breaks up that dense veil. Your back pain fades or goes away.

When there’s physical pain, emotional pain preceded it. It’s the resistance to feeling or acknowledging the emotions that’s kept you running from it. You stop when you realize that it’s more painful to run from than sit with the pain. Then you change your thought pattern

That’s when pain simply becomes information again.

Sitting with the information without feeling victimized–without judgement– is empowering. You can bring lighter energy into your body where it felt so dense and heavy.

So, put down your choice of numbing substance, turn off Netflix, or stop doing busy work. Phew!

It can be hard to accept the things your pain is asking you to see or feel.

Perhaps you were abandoned or neglected by a parent, punished unfairly, and on and on. When you break the fearful and negative repetitive pattern of resistance, you feel freer, lighter because the grey veil of resistance is disbursed.

Then, invite in a different emotion, a resplendent color, or a higher vibration.

Intuitively, you see it, you feel it, you hear it; the pain of resistance. Then, like a heavy fog lifting, you see the landscape is full of color and growth.

Repeat as necessary;)