Did you know that you can combine any divination/oracle deck with the traditional tarot deck?

For instance, for personal readings I’ll sometimes use my Plantspeak Nature Oracle Cards in combination with my favorite tarot cards.

This is a good strategy to consider if:

1. You’re primarily a tarot card reader and want to learn how to bring oracle decks into your readings as a way to get more information

2. You’re new to tarot and an oracle card deck might help to add clarity to the meaning of the tarot cards

Information comes to us through various vehicles. This is a great way to be open to receiving layers of information. What you might not understand in the symbology of a tarot card, you might more easily understand with the addition of an oracle card. Or vice versa! Also, you may have an affinity for certain decks like angel, animal spirit, or mandala cards, but want to learn more about tarot cards.

Jaymi Elford, http://www.tarotinspiredlife.com/, suggests that you first ask a question and then draw a card from both the tarot and then the oracle deck to see how it can add clarification and dimension to the answer of the original card.

Now do a spread of 4 cards.

1st card: pull a card from the oracle deck. This is the heart of the matter. What is at stake?

2nd card: draw a card from the tarot deck. What is the hidden around this topic?

3rd card: pull another tarot card. What action needs to happen regarding this topic?

4th card: use an oracle card. One possible outcome as a result of this dialog. 

For help: If you’re unclear or confused when you pull a tarot card, approach the card by objectively describing the card without using any meaning or metaphor. Just say what you see in the card.

Then delve deeper by asking questions, such as:

What’s happening in the card?

What makes you/me think this?

What will the person do next?

Where are you in this card?

Where is this happening in your life right now?

You’ll find that how you answer these questions intuitively reveals how you’re feeling.

For more on this technique, check out Mary Greer’s 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card at https://www.amazon.com/Mary-Greers-Ways-Read-Tarot/dp/0738707848/.