How does this work?

As a clairvoyant I work with images that I see in your energy field. These images help us to understand what’s going on currently in your life/energy. You’ll also draw cards from my deck, Plantspeak Nature Oracle cards. The cards offer more information and gift us the wisdom of nature. All you need to bring to a reading is your curiosity. Online or in-person (Seattle). Scroll to the bottom to preview some cards.

Why get a reading?

  • consciously shift patterns and old beliefs
  • break subconscious contracts with yourself and others
  • become aware of what negative stories you’re holding onto, how to release and transmute them
  • find specific opportunities for choice or change
  • learn how to be more present in your body
  • connect with a higher dimension for greater wisdom about your life path
  • ask questions with more neutrality
  • engage compassionately with yourself
  • raise your vibration
  • dissolve blocks and open up to your higher potential
  • explore your intuitive & creative self
  • nurture and expand your day-to-day curiosity
  • get tools to help you remember who you are on a soul level
  • limit mindtalk to create new neural pathways

Tell me more

I’m a perspective shifter, helping you to make supportive changes in your body, mind and heart. You’ll find that when you connect to your inner self, the world makes more sense. Using your inherent intuition is one of the most empowering and quickest ways to accept or create change in your daily life.

Soul Level Readings

for yourself, as a couple or at events

Soul Level Readings

for yourself, as a couple or at events


You’re made of energy and your body is the physical manifestation of this energy. What you want to work on is “invisible” energy. I see that energy through imagery.


Intuition is empowering and never fearful. Your energy is in flux and reflects what’s going on with you at the moment. You can change in an instant.


Liven up your Party, Corporate Event or Book Group with Oracle Readings. Minimum booking 2 hours. Email me for more information.


This unique deck and guide feature 52 amazing photos of trees, flowers, mushrooms and plants that help you connect with your truth. The deck features Reveal CardsDig-deeper CardsMovement Cards and Harmony Cards. 

A Sampling of Plantspeak Nature Oracle Cards.

Yes, updates please!

This mentoring group offers a safe place to develop and nourish your intuition, energy techniques and more.


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