Intuitive Sessions

You are made of energy!

Energy is always changing. Your natural state of being can be described as “flowing.” Your energy field may resemble a field in nature; full of plants, trees, seedlings and weeds. The trees and plants growing in a field give information about the soil, the climate, the environment just how your energy field tells stories about you.

Energy is information. Together we’ll observe the information in your field to help you bring more awareness to your patterns and mindtalk (the thoughts in your head). When you resist your soul’s calling life can be full of suffering. Connecting to your internal experience gives you faith and conviction to continue to evolve. You learn how to trust yourself.

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I’m the perspective shifter who can help you make supportive changes in your body, mind and spirit. You’ll find that when you connect to your inner self, the world makes more sense. Using your natural intuition is one of the most empowering and quickest ways to become more present in your daily life.

In our sessions, you may do some inner knowing exercises in the form of collaging, doodling, automatic writing, or symbology to help you access your unconscious for information. Using your intuition can help you to grow and to make the changes that you want to make. $115/hour

Intuition Essentials

You’re made of energy and your body is the manifestation of this energy. What you want to work on is “invisible” energy. I see that energy through imagery.
You don’t have to rehash or even know your old stories as we work together energetically.
You always have free will to choose the next steps to take in life.
The first step is to recognize that you can create change.

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This mentoring group offers a safe place to develop and nourish your intuition, energy techniques and more.


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