Welcome, welcome home

Yay! Hello. We’re so glad you’re joining us. These 12 weeks will be a collaborative exploration with many opportunities for learning, sharing and embodying Who We Are.

Where we begin

Before we start the collaboration, we’re asking each of you to join us in creating a safe container, in which you’ll weave your intention in preparation for our journey together.

First, get comfortable feeling yourself sitting solidly in a chair. Notice gravity connecting you to earth. Invite in light from a star way above you. Find where they meet in your heart.

Now, imagine a pole in your mind’s eye. Think of a maypole. Notice what the pole is made of and what it looks like–how tall is it, what color is it?

Now, imagine that there are many ribbons coming off of the pole, each belonging to a <3 sister who is part of this circle.

Notice the ribbon that you’re holding, this ribbon that is especially for you.

Examine it – what color is it? How does it feel? Is it light or heavy? What is it made out of?

Connect to this ribbon, feeling its essence. What does it want you to know?

Perhaps it’s chatty, or not? Hum or sing the tonal quality of your ribbon. Feel your voice vibrate in your body.

Does it have a scent or taste?

If you distilled the essence of this ribbon to one word, what would it be?

Take a moment to draw the essence of the word in your minds’ eye or on a piece of paper. It may be a symbol, a shape, a doodle, or a drawing.

If you’ve done some or all of the above, you’ve just created your intention for our 12-week journey!

If it’s not clear now, it will become clear soon.

As each of you begin to weave ribbons around the pole, we’re all rooting down and expanding out our intentions. 

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This mentoring group offers a safe place to develop and nourish your intuition, energy techniques and more.


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