Rooting Down, Expanding Out Online Circle

Rooting Down, Expanding Out: Embodying and Living a Transformed Life On-Purpose in Times of Transition

Air begins Nov. 30th

Together we’ll navigate what it means, feels, and looks like to live inside of an aligned life, to grow and expand even when the world may seem to be contracting or splintering, and to be grounded while sharing your gifts to create the world you want to live in.  All while being inside of sacred space with other beautiful womxn.

Rooting Down, Expanding Out Online Circle Journey

Who's up for playing with transformative fire? Join the online 12-week (4 3-week units) journey using creative play and intuitive practices for living a life on-purpose in these wobbly times. Sign up by this Friday, September 27th!! Starts on the 28th!! More info:

fun and deep work = transformation


Join in on the 12-week (4 3-week units) online journey using creative play and intuitive practices for living a life on-purpose in these wobbly times. Join for one or both units. Here are the dates:

  • Air: 
  • Earth: 

Come join air on a 3-week heart-opening journey with us. Experience your inner knowing through air. Notice how air is present for you.

Air is all around us. When we work consciously with air, we can see, hear, feel and taste our inner knowing, our wisdom. Connect with your spirit team and your higher self.

It’s a heart-opening, individually and collectively. 

Imagine a group that glows from the inside out. That’s how I see this beautiful circle. It’s alive and I love its glow, breath, its expansion and contraction.

In this circle, we’re going to cultivate our inner world, our inner knowing. I believe it’s really truly the only reality that we have. With awareness and nourishment, we’ll watch it grow stronger and more sustainable. We’ll tend to it individually and collectively, all in a safe and gentle environment.

I’ll use my clairvoyance (clear seeing) to help you along the way. If you’ve had a session with me–yay. If not, feel free to have a mini session with me. Just email me at to schedule.

There will be various intuitive exercises for those who identify more as linear (left brained) and other exercises for those who are more right brained. I’ll also pull weekly cards from my oracle card deck for each of you and for the group.

We’ll focus on guided meditations, automatic writing and art, ceremony, intuitive exercises and more.

We are so vast. With self exploration we learn about the universe. Let’s root deeply and spread our wings together on this journey.

We’ll make heart-mind perspective shifts to help us and others live laughter filled lives. <3

You’ll  emerge from FIRE free of inner cobwebs and old stories, from WATER, you’ll learn about your inner world and forgotten wisdom, from AIR, you’ll cultivate your relationship with your higher self, and from EARTH, you’ll get tools to integrate and embody your clear, intuitive, and creative self. Yummy, yes indeed, eh? Email me at with any questions.


We’ll create the magic in four parts:

Part 1 FIRE is your ally to clear out outdated beliefs and stories and to create delicious inner space. You’ll emerge from FIRE with openness, lightness and curiosity.  [Will repeat in 2020]

Part 2 WATER is your ally to help you lovingly cultivate your inner world,  connect to your calling and re-member why you’re here. You’ll emerge from WATER clear and ready.  [Will repeat in 2020]

Part 3 AIR is your ally to meet your team, both in the physical and non-physical realms. In this part, building relationships is the name of the game! You’ll emerge from AIR feeling fully supported. [Will repeat in 2020]

Part 4 EARTH is your ally, and you’ll be guided to embody everything that transpired in the first three parts, drawing the transformation into our cells, into the earth, and integrating it into our lived experience in a physical way. You’ll emerge from EARTH with cellular knowing and living.  Meaning, you’ll be given tools to integrate and embody the lessons you receive from your wise self and guides/allies. [Will repeat in 2020]


During our time together, you’ll:

•  immerse yourself in creative play and intuitive practices.

• discover your individual and collective symbols through fun exercises to access information.

• witness your essence and inner knowingness with ease.

• have tools to easily embody your transformation.

You’ll do this all with the support of a beautiful circle of people.

The nitty gritty


• Receive meditations and exercises every Saturday & Wednesday. These will be in the form of videos, audios, prompts and written sharing.

•Sit in virtual circle on Zoom video calls generally on Wednesday afternoon/evening (they’ll be recorded if you’re unable to attend live)

•Participate in a private FB group to share your experiences with each other and the group

•Enroll in all four parts, or enroll in one or more parts individually

Preparation… Because this course is experientially-oriented, very little is needed outside of your time, openness and curiosity. You’ll need a journal to document your experiences, access to a computer for the weekly emails, and webcam or camera on your computer for our video calls (these can be done with audio only, too). It’s not required that you’re on Facebook, although aspects of the group support and sharing may be missed without FB participation.


Join me in a Virtual Circle for exploring a new horizon


Burn, burn….rise with curiosity and brightness




guides/allies pariticipate


Solid in your humaness

Yes, updates please!

This mentoring group offers a safe place to develop and nourish your intuition, energy techniques and more.


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