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February 2019


Plantspeak Nature Oracle Card Readings

Sundays, Feb 9th & 23rd from 12-4pm at Rainbow Natural Remedies, 409 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112.

  • A 6 card Plantspeak oracle card reading offers you guidance for transformation and change, however small or revolutionary. To live aligned to the rhythm of your life process means stepping into a more self-observant, higher frequency self. Phoebe facilitates your connection to your innate, intuitive wisdom, while her unique cards highlight nature’s healing force. You’ll find Phoebe’s cards for sale.
    Reserve your spot in advance by emailing pp@phoebepatten.com. Special pricing for Rainbow customer card readings: $25 for 15 mins, $40 for 30 mins, $60 for 45 mins. In-store special, if space is available: 15 mins pay-what-you-can.

ONLINE ~ Next Journey Dates TBA!

Rooting Down, Expanding Out: Embodying and Living A Transformed Life in Times of Transition

Phoebe's doing readings

Join the 3-week online journey starting TBA using intuitive and creative tools for living a life on-purpose in these wobbly times. Join for one or both units.


•Fire: TBA

•Water: TBA

•Air: TBA

•Earth: TBA

•Love: TBA

Together we’ll navigate what it means, feels, and looks like to live inside of an aligned life, to grow and expand even when the world may seem to be contracting or splintering, and to be grounded while sharing your gifts to create the world you want to live in.  All while being inside of sacred space with other beautiful womxn.

You’ll  emerge from FIRE free of inner cobwebs and old stories, from WATER, you’ll learn about your inner world and forgotten wisdom, from AIR, you’ll cultivate your relationship with your higher self, and from EARTH, you’ll get tools to integrate and embody your clear, intuitive, and creative self. 

During our time together, you’ll:

•  immerse yourself in creative play and intuitive practices.

• discover your individual and collective symbols through fun exercises to access information.

• witness your essence and inner knowingness with ease.

• have tools to easily embody your transformation.

You’ll do this all with the support of a beautiful circle of people.

Learn more here!

Workshops coming up….


Accessing Your Personal Soul Symbols through Intuition

Phoebe's doing readings

During this unique process, you’ll develop your intuition and identify your sacred symbols using art materials and sacred geometry. It’s a bit of alchemy. Please bring any favorite book you’re comfortable writing and drawing in or I’ll provide a garden book for you to use.

During this hands-on class you will: •Build an energetic structure that facilitates your growth and healing •Create a dictionary of your own symbols •Connect to your inner self through visualizations

All of this will help you expand your awareness, allowing you to see things differently for more clarity and ease of change. By the end of the class you will feel a vital connection to the universe and to your own inner wisdom.

This class includes: •A guided visualization •A garden book or bring your own book •Art materials and graphic tools to use •An integration visualization.

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