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June 2019

Plantspeak Nature Oracle Card Readings

Sundays, June 2nd & 23rd from 12-4pm at Rainbow Natural Remedies, 409 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112.

  • A reading with Phoebe Patten and her Nature-based oracle cards lovingly aligns you to Nature’s healing energy.  A reading brings empowering guidance as you experience deeper knowing and meaning. These readings serve as a tool to inspire and empower you as you explore your path. Plantspeak Nature Oracle cards are for purchase.

    Reserve your 30 minute spot in advance. Just contact me. Cost for card reading: $25 for 15 mins, $40 for 30 mins, $60 for 45 mins. In-store special of 15 min. pay-what-you-can if space is available.

MAY 19th, SUNDAY (1:30-3:30pm)

Uncovering Your Soul Symbols

Would you like to have more self-awareness and learn to unlock your own deeper wisdom?

Through guided meditation and creative exercises, you’ll tune into the language of your own soul symbols. In this safe space you’ll open up to experiencing yourself in a more whole and expansive way!

You’ll be invited to trust the subtle information you receive from your body and beyond. You’ll gain tools for integrating your symbol in all areas of life:

•power to shift internal stories

•awareness of physical , emotional and mental bodies

•integration of earth and cosmic energy with your own energy

•activated imagination and intuition

•remembrance of who you really are

WHERE: Broadview Library, 12755 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133

WHEN: Sunday, May 19th from 1:30-3:30pm

SUFON MeetUp presents this complimentary Workshop for you!!

Rooting Down, Expanding Out: Embodying and Living Your Purpose in Times of Transition

Phoebe's doing readings

Join me and my amazing friend and colleague Eleni Livitsanos for an online 12-week journey (starting September 28th, 2019) using shamanic, intuitive and creative tools for living a life on-purpose in these wobbly times.

You’ll  emerge with clarity on your calling, a relationship with your guides/allies (both seen and unseen), and tools to embody your clear, intuitive, and creative self.

During our 12 weeks together, you’ll:

• work with shamanic, creative and intuitive practices, and learning tools to access inner wisdom and receive guidance from your guides/allies.

• learn how to work with symbols to access information.

• learn how to connect to your essence and inner wisdom with clarity.

• learn how to embody your transformation with ease.

You’ll do this all with the support of a beautiful circle of people.

Learn more here!

Workshops coming up….


Accessing Your Personal Soul Symbols through Intuition

Phoebe's doing readings

During this unique process, you’ll develop your intuition and identify your sacred symbols using art materials and sacred geometry. It’s a bit of alchemy. Please bring any favorite book you’re comfortable writing and drawing in or I’ll provide a garden book for you to use.

During this hands-on class you will: •Build an energetic structure that facilitates your growth and healing •Create a dictionary of your own symbols •Connect to your inner self through visualizations

All of this will help you expand your awareness, allowing you to see things differently for more clarity and ease of change. By the end of the class you will feel a vital connection to the universe and to your own inner wisdom.

This class includes: •A guided visualization •A garden book or bring your own book •Art materials and graphic tools to use •An integration visualization.

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