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Are you curious about shifting your perspective about you and your world? As an “out-of-the-box” or really “no box” person, I enjoy helping you to engage your own heart-mind perspective shifts. Plus, you’ll light up your innate inner knowing. Each session is full of “play” and transformation. Do you ever wonder if your journey may be more multi-dimensional than you thought? Are you ready to start trusting yourself?

As a life-long intuitive and clairvoyant, I’ve always sensed the unspoken truth of people. One time I saw an image of a friend’s Fallopian tubes dangling freely and not tied, as her doctor claimed. In actuality she then learned that her doctor had not performed the life-saving procedure he was supposed to. Fortunately she survived the ensuing ordeal that I had intuited.

My multi-faceted path in life included making faerie houses as a child, falling in love with symbology in literature and creative writing as a teenager and student, getting paid to “read” people in Human Resources as a young professional, and then transitioning into the magical world of plants and landscape design.

The underlying heart beat of my passion and work is intuition and creativity. I love offering you transformation through all things intuitive.

To round out my education and training, I wove together a master’s degree from NYU, a two- year intuitive mentorship with Marie Manuchehri, mindfulness and practical awareness techniques from the Awareness School, and a Reiki Mastership. See below for more.

The idea for creating Plantspeak nature oracle cards and guide grew out of my love of nature and my former experience as a landscape designer. My visionary journey included taking photos of tree faces, flowers and natural beauty in Seattle, Northern California, and my garden. Each card drawn offers plant wisdom and nature’s healing balm. The process of creating the deck was healing for me and these cards, in turn,  offer you the same connection and healing with nature.

I give hands-on workshops in the Seattle area and online that explore personal and spiritual development. You’ll learn about yourself, intuition, creativity, conscious living & holistic wellness. Focus is always on your body, mind & heart. Workshops have been offered at Everett Community College, Cascadia College, East West Bookshop-Seattle, Women of Wisdom conference, Meet-Ups, Rainbow Natural Remedies and BEPC Conscious Wellness Expo.

Life Unveiled with Phoebe and Eleni podcast

We’d love you to “join” us in our weekly podcast. Eleni Livitsanos and I have conversations that play within the questions of life. In a way, we’re walking each other home to our most authentic selves. Topics inspire change, personal/spiritual growth and clarity. Together we go deep with lightness and humor. Find us on most platforms.

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% of time I love reading before turning out the light


I look forward to getting to know you.

xo, Phoebe


p.s. Here’s my education and training:


•Dowsing with Crystal Mountain Healing 2018•Fourth Way mindfulness meditation and practical awareness techniques with Molly Knight Forde, Awareness School, 2016-2017 •6 month-long psychic tools training program with Shelley Hodgen, 2016 •2 year-long energy intuitive mentorship with Marie Manuchehri, RN, 2013-2015 •Vibrational Medicine Certification, Patti Conklin, 2015 •Mediumship workshop with James Van Praagh, 2014 •Energy Medicine workshops with Donna Eden, 2011 & 2014 •Usui Reiki Master, Marie Manuchehri, 2013, https://www.energyintuitive.com •Usui Reiki I & II with Shannon Marie Svensson, Circle Green Healing Arts, 2012 •Herb Energetics with herbalist Kiva Rose, 2010 •Herbal Wisdom Circle, 13-month shamanic herbalism program with Julie  Charette Nunn, Crow’s Daughter Mystery School, 2009 •Intuitive Energy Reading I & II with Devrah Hart, RN 2005 •13-month Earth Based Spirituality program with Judith Laxer, 2002


•M.A.,  New York University, New York, New York •B.A.,  Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio •Landscape Design A.A. and •Ornamental Horticulture Certificate, Edmonds Community College, Edmonds, WA

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Seattle, WA

Email: pp@phoebepatten.com

Text: 415-347-9821

Business Hours: Contact me for a reading (live or online) or check out Where I Am page.

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