What I Do

I help motivated people shift perspectives to embody change from a soul level.

My Philosophy

Curiosity is a key to to unlocking your authentic self. When you’re curious, life becomes more joyful, relaxed and interesting. Your intuition opens up and you become more expansive in your general well being.

Intuition is a doorway to your inner self.

Intuition is empowering and never scary (unlike your thoughts). Your energy is in flux and reflects what’s going on with you at the moment. You can change this energy in an instant. You always have free will to choose your perspective and the next steps to take in life.

Intuition speaks the language of truth in our timeless universe. I honor the inner knowing in you and in me as I work with you to align to universal truth.

My Methods

When you contact me, you’re probably feeling ready to become more intimate with your inner self, and to become more present. Each session is grounded in intuition.

When we’re in a session, I mainly work with images (clairvoyance) that tell a story about who you are. This story reveals what you want to focus on. It generally shows up as “invisible” energy in your energetic body that I then  read through images I receive. It’s really just how you choose to communicate with me!

You may experience each session differently. I’ll hear your questions. I’ll remind you that you always have free will. Some intuitive sessions may include: guided meditations, toning, visualizations, Reiki/energy techniques, or occasionally mediumship.

Once you connect with your intuition (a direct link to authentic self), you can bring aspects of your shadow self more into your conscious mind. Your body can act like a barometer, indicating what you’re unconsciously feeling or resisting. When you observe a bodily sensation you bring it into a space of potential change. Here, with compassion you’ll see other ways of being that can lead to healing wounds.

In session or in between appointments, you may be asked to do some easy exercises based in art, language or visualization. I’ve created these exercises to help make self-discovery more playful.

The most important aspect is that the whole session is rooted in kindness. Learning self-acceptance in a compassionate setting is the quickest way to grow and connect to your inner self.


My Goals

Each of you are on your path. I see your higher self (bigger self), your potential, but we work together with your ego (smaller self).

Sometimes when you’re just stuck, curious, or deep in the muck you may want some help from me, the perspective shifter! My goal is to help you set yourself free from patterns, false beliefs and stories.

You’ll find that through quiet self-observation and growing awareness, you’ll sync up with your soul to witness a newly observed, multi-faceted you.

Legal disclosure about my terms of service.

Please give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment.

Intuitive Sessions

Through one-on-one sessions you’ll  increase awareness about your energetic body, listen to your intuitive self, and be invited to gently shift perspectives and consciousness. Compassion and kindness create a safe space where you’ll free your “small” self  through methods that bring your body, thoughts and emotions into alignment with your larger inner truth. Book Now

Plantspeak Oracle Card Readings

A Plantspeak oracle card reading offers guidance for accepting or creating change within you, however small or revolutionary. To live in the intimate rhythm of your heart beat means stepping into a more self-observant, higher frequency life. A reading always brings you nature’s healing. Book Now

Phenomenology Group

Phenomenology is the study of structures of consciousness as experienced from the personal point of view. This group is focused on personal and spiritual development in a group environment with a hands-on approach. Topics include:  tools of intuition, energy techniques, cultivating awareness, and exploring  creative processes, Group dynamics offer the opportunity for fertile self-observation and enhanced learning.

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