Symbols that aren’t Pictorial

Tomorrow morning when you hear a bird’s song ask yourself, “what shape or color does this song have?” Does this song bring awareness to how you’re feeling at that moment? Let the song fill your room. Does it have a note, a pattern? How does it change you? 

Noticing Symbols

There are symbols all around us. Take a camera or a journal on an excursion into nature or a different neighborhood to track the symbols you see. Sometimes symbols aren’t immediately visible unless they’re iconographic, like the cross.

Symbols open a window in time so that we can understand ourselves and the things around us differently. Sacred symbols hold an energy that can raise our life vibration when we interact with them. Look for symbols that intrigue you.

A Portal into Space

What you find in the space that you create inside of you is an expanded way of being. You’re invited to step into your higher self through guided meditation, drafting tools, art tools, found objects, and a book of your choice. Sign up on the events page for an informal class in June at Rainbow Natural Remedies in Capital Hill.