When we notice the stillness of the rain that falls on us we’re able to experience stillness on the inside.

Raindrops are like thoughts (Byron Katie), each one unique and neutral. They also keep falling on our head–as the lyrics of the 1969 song reminds us. We have thoughts constantly. Let’s suspend our disbelief and accept that our thoughts are inherently meaningless like raindrops. This helps to shed some light about how we may end up with a head full of potentially twisted thoughts. 

Complicated or twisted thoughts are neutral thoughts to which we attached meaning. The meaning we assign changes the thought and it turns into a belief.

Say the way we look at thoughts and beliefs is like looking through a lens. You may conjure up an image of your eyes, a monocle, binoculars, glasses, or a telescope. Note that each has a lens. Just like you.

How do we wipe our lens clear? How do we shift our lens? We do this intuitively.

We can begin by seeing the thought (rain) for what it is. Each thought (raindrop) is unique and neutral. When we notice the stillness of our being we are freed up to notice how we’ve reacted to a thought that really just is. We stop projecting and trying to change thoughts, experiences, and others.

When we choose to observe and to stop processing the attached meanings we’ve given thoughts we’re able to touch the stillness within us and thoughts don’t stay with us. The rain becomes rain again. We become still within ourselves.

A clean lens invites peace and ease into our lives. We begin to sing freely in the rain or shower. We become more comfortable embracing our intuition.