This challenge gives you tools to turn your chaos into inner focus. 


Sign up to this free Challenge if you’re experiencing chaos and want to find your inner focus. Exploring your inner paradigm opens up your world of imagination, creativity, and intuition. This embodied way of focusing brings greater clarity to why you’ve chosen to be in the world now. You’ll practice skipping along, one foot at a time, into a higher vibrational, magical world away from mass consciousness.

The Challenge exercises help you to see chaos as a stepping stone to explore and redefine your work in the world. Participating in the Challenge encourages you to acclimate with body and heart to the accelerated flow of time we’re collectively experiencing. Accelerated chaos  breaks down fear, blocks, and patterns. When you focus on your “joy or stillness point,”  you trust and know with certainty that you’re on your path. Practice inner focus and start doing what you came here to do with focus tools and group support!


Each weekday of the free Challenge you’ll get a video giving you a how-to focus tool and a prompt for an easy intuitively creative (that really means “no thinking”) exercise to help you embody that tool. Share your experience from the  exercise and participate with others on our private supportive Facebook group with Challenge friends. Journey from chaos to inner knowing in a safe circle with other adventurers.

Join the Waitlist to be notified when the next Challenge opens. Are you ready to accept your mission on earth?

As I began to trust myself and my creative, intuitive path, the world appeared refreshingly different. When I started remembering who I was the universe showed me more.

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