What’s alignment all about?

Alignment is a card in my oracle deck. It’s a photo is of a fern frond that looks ecstatically alive in the moment.

Jokingly I’ve labeled myself “Queen of Resistance” from time to time. Resistance is being anywhere but in the present moment.  This time I procrastinated writing out the definitions for all 52 magnificent cards. What changed? I became more aligned with my inner being. The wisdom of nature lives in all plants and the ecstatic fern frond taught me about my own alignment.

Musings and ways to be more actively aligned that I’d like to share with you:

Through quiet observance and awareness of your body, mind, emotions and spirit interior sign posts will pop up allowing you to notice and to disconnect from exterior influences long enough to find a moment of your truth.

•Connect with your body and ask how an interior sign post feels different from an exterior sign post? 

The rhythm of nature, of the water, of the wind, of you is only lost when seen through the lens of of your mind. When your rhythm vibrates in the present moment, like the fern frond, you’re effortlessly connecting to your limitless self, which is connected to everything. When your mind is lingering in the past (are you feeling depressed?) or in the future (are feeling you anxious?) your body and emotions find ways to remind (or painfully bug) you to be present.

•Ways to be present in your body: be in nature, meditate, pray, exercise, play music, or be creative…..

A heartbeat means you’re alive. Each beat is a present moment and when strung together it’s your unique life rhythm. If you’re aligning to someone or something other than yourself, you may not be present to pay attention to your heartbeat. Are you doing things because you think that’s what you’re supposed be doing? Did a choice make you feel that you or your timing is off?

•How will you feel if you sit with your heartbeat and feel loved every moment it beats.

Have you ever wondered why you did or didn’t do or say something? Does it sometimes feel like you’re letting yourself down over and over when you avoid your truth.

•You’re being invited to release any addictions to feeling unworthy or superior so that you can be in right relationship with yourself.

Imagine how your path will feel effortless when you begin to align to the vibration that is uniquely your truth.

Thank you, dancing fern, for all the delight you bring into our world! May it and the rest of the cards inspire you too.